Festival of Art, 19 Oct - 22 Oct 2019 New Delhi

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We Nurture & Promote Young Artist

Committed to support, nurture and nourish emerging artists’ interventions and cultural explorations.

India is a land of diverse culture and art forms, it is Akatva Foundation’s (AF) endeavor to ensure that the people come forward to appreciate and connect with its rich heritage and arts. Akatva Foundation is an independent, not-for-profit organization based in Delhi NCR that aims at promoting and supporting the arts and culture in India.

Due to various hurdles faced the talent remains buried. We aim to create an understanding and appreciation of Indian traditional arts and culture through education and participatory activities among young people.

We truly believe that the arts and culture are an essential part of our individual and community lives. It gives meaning to our existence as an individual.

We know art plays an essential role in human lives, so it’s vital need for support of art and artists at forums across the world. We are committed to support, nurture and nourish emerging artists’ interventions and cultural explorations. We want to provide a platform to artists, we hope to interact closely with them and help to give voice to their concerns.

We aim at encouraging art philanthropy in India by reaching out to private and corporate sponsors so that it could more beneficial to artists community.In future we wish to expand our networks and projects by creating art gallery as well as an more open forums which could help in sustaining their creativity with a livelihood.

Promoter & Organiser

Ashish Mishra is now a prominent figure in the National capital region not only with his involvement in the business area of aviation industry but also through his constant involvement in promoting various artists throughout the nation.

Ashish is always committed to bring greater awareness and appreciation of the Indian Canvas Artists and culture to audiences across the nation. As a national and local promoter, he always believes that promoting any individual who has so much to give to this world in the form of various means of art is the most satisfying thing an individual can do.

To contribute towards this dedication Ashish, has single-handedly organized more than 15 exhibitions in the national capital region to empower all the budding and upcoming artist to showcase their talent so that they too can mark their presence in the Art Arena in coming days.

He has sold 21 paintings/photographs in 2018 as well as 78 paintings/photographs till August 2019, which itself is a record by any organizer in NCR region.

Also, to make his vision a reality he is joined by the excellent support and grace of prominent names from political as well as business arena who always mark their valuable presence in the exhibitions and are among the regular grabbers of the art creations.