About Us

It is the miracle of the Mother Nature that has mystified a mere dew drop by absorbing life and reflecting beauty. Then, there are her mortal sons, who are maddeningly in love with her creation. Inspirations could do wonders… and then we see The Artists…!

Akatva foundation, true to its name, stands united with the imaginary minds and creative display of art and artist. Ever since its inception in 2018, the foundation has been working as a non -profit organisation in Delhi NCR. This gallery is born with a vision to build a place dedicated to showcase the journey of Indian art. In a nation of such a vast cultural diversity and age old heritage, art runs in the genome of every individual. The foundation desires to embrace the exotic greatness of country’s artistic past, relish the present and work efficiently to carry this heritage in a secure and creative future.

The history of Indian art consolidates a constant shift in styles and application, narrating diverse cultural acceptance. However, 21st century augments a creative acceptance of all the styles that the Indian artists have been experimenting, defining and applying periodically. Amidst all this, as a key interlocutor in India, Akatva foundation provides a platform for plethora of activities by organising exhibitions, hosting interviews, conducting talks, lectures & seminars by eminent artists and scholars.

Till now, it has sold hundreds of paintings through its exhibition and provided support to many artisans. The foundation uplifts the art and artists at forums across the world as it explores the horizons of igneous mind and imaginary curves and stands with the journey of every artist. The future goals hold the consolidation of diverse art forms and artists along with the innovative concepts under one roof that is Akatva Foundation.

We Unite, We Prosper.

Our founder Mr Rishabh Agrawal is a businessman who always had an inclination towards art. He always took the opportunity to visit exhibitions and collect artworks. With the noble thought of supporting full-time artists earning their livelihood solely from this he started this foundation for benefit of artists.

To contribute towards Rishabh’s dedication Ashish Mishra, Ms. Saloni Wadhwa , our directors have organized more than 15 exhibitions in the national capital region to empower all the budding and upcoming artists.

Akatva Arts has achieved a record breaking mark by selling more than 200 paintings/photographs in the last 2 years, giving the budding artists a kick start and exposure to the established ones for more business and appreciation from admirers and frequent buyers.

Our Members

Rishabh Agarwal


Kanika Kapoor


Krishan Jivan Kapoor


Shankar Goenka


Ashish Mishra


Saloni Wadhwa


Vinod Gupta

(Executive Director)

Piyush Sharma

(Executive Director)